We gather all the configurations that will enable you to manage many customers and many building projects on the same platform, with different management strategies, with interfaces that all sales teams can easily use under a single CRM roof.

We design systems that have flexible structures suitable for the market not only for a single flat sale but also for your bulk sales, barter sales, apartment change or conversion plans, and even rental.

Pre-Sales and Call Center

We are preparing a pre-sales structure that you can view and take care of, by recording each of your customers, who are communicating with you via call center, customer representative or the web, one by one from the moment your project is launched,

Sales Management

we keep records in the system that contain the details of your relevant customer and project product so that both your sales representative and the relevant sales team can follow these important steps without losing data, For each sale that takes place. We prepare systems that will allow you to use all the steps from your employees' premium calculations, to authorized discount permits, payment plans and configurations, and following up bills.

We offer special discounts and payment configuration systems that allow you to tailor each sale in your system according to your customers' payment requests, through which you can control your users with dynamically changeable values. Thanks to accounting integrations, you can easily track all payments, delays, voucher numbers of a sale you make from CRM, and even notify your managers and customers with sms and mail notifications.

Accounting Integrations

The fact that many organizations track their accounting systems from a separate platform raises questions about how sales in CRM and collections can be in harmony with each other. By preparing systems that work integrated with each other, we turn two separate systems into structures that work synchronously with each other. In this way, you can easily track the payments made through CRM or even be notified in your mail with automatic notifications if you wish.

After sales services

You can track after-sales services for all sales realized with your customers through your CRM system. We prepare special control mechanisms for your company for Incoming Demands and all activities, we help you to get new customers by keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level.