We offer an approval mechanism setup that you can easily follow with the CRM system for the troubles experienced during the purchasing flows and approval processes in the companies and therefore the time losses that occur.

We are preparing a document management system that allows you to track all your document tracking jobs that are waiting for approval traffic between departments and cause loss of time, lost, rejected on a single screen or even from your mail.

Your requests, which are divided into departments and regions, can be sent to the relevant department for the approval of the officials, both by e-mail and by a table. In this way, it is reached to the relevant authority regarding the time of the document to be approved.

Since these documents may contain offer options for the relevant unit or include budget tracking, invoices, attachments or contract samples, the same file does not need to be copied and hand-in-hand. With the documents that should be kept confidential within the authority between the teams, or the areas shown according to the departments, each team / department can easily approve its subject and send it to the next step.

Authorized personnel can print, hide and add new attachments within the authorization form. If there is no personnel authority other than his own department, he can neither see nor intervene these documents. In all transactions related to document security, authorization control is put in place, and sections between all units, approving users, attachments, data can be hidden and opened. All documents created and approved in the system can be prepared in templates in special print forms for your company, and can be downloaded in pdf, word, excel, pptx format you want, print out and mail.

All rejected documents can be notified to the person who prepared them with the rejected information by e-mail, view or list screens, and the documents approved in the same way are followed by informing and listing.