You can eliminate the need for individual file scrambling with the CRM system to keep track of the data of the records that the organizations keep on record, and that often reach large numbers.

Customer Follow-up

You can keep the data of all your resource records that you are in contact with, all of your contacts, customers, members, in short, you can keep CRM independently from each other, but without any fear of data loss. Thus, since all information belonging to a customer will also be on the same page, you will not be exposed to any threat, from the possibility of escaping your attention to the disorganization that may occur during the data search.

Dues Management

If you are required to receive a monthly, annual or condition-based payment, but if the payment records and transfers are only in the receipts, it will be your biggest problem to not be able to keep track of their payments in a healthy way. Of course, these will also bring data losses, and will be a second problem for you when preparing reports.

You can record transactions such as subscription, promissory note, product fee, service fee or donation made via the web or integration in CRM, report them according to the time you want, or even convert them to bills with special barcode numbers specially prepared for you.

Online Payment Systems

Many organizations can benefit from the capabilities of the CRM system in their activity participation, company product purchases, project donations or payments made by their customers. You can easily track and report whether these payments are made by money order or credit card, who made it, when and for what.