Your CRM is designed to help you offer different customer / supplier experiences that will take you one step ahead of your competitors and gain new customers.

We help you develop new business strategies for your company with CRM, which is a system that you can report by rate, offer, visit, order, service, and product data on a daily or monthly basis.

Interview / Visit Calendars

You can access the calendars of both you and your department team over the system, whether you have your phone calls or all your planned call calendar, you can create daily, monthly or even customer customer reports with reminders and graphics, and manage your active services in the field on a single screen.

Offer-Order Management

The fact that the sales team is active in the field does not mean that we will make more sales. For this, you must have an active stock tracking and bidding mechanism. By providing these two streams to work in harmony on a single platform, we offer you the privilege of following up the offers, following the inventory, successful unsuccessful offers, and all positive / negative order requests returned to the customer from a single system.

Erp Integrations

Unfortunately, the synchronous operation of discrete systems is one of the most common problems that disrupt workflow in organizations. CRM systems operate together with the ERP systems of the organizations, allowing both current account records and orders of these current orders to be tracked at the end of the day or instantaneously. You can automatically reflect the status recorded in your ERP system, such as discount rates or vat liabilities, to your orders in CRM, and even measure the efficiency of your field staff by tracking them from the offers they receive while they are candidates and from the call records to the time they are customers.