It is not that difficult to keep track of your independent agencies and dealerships with a single system and on common screens.

We ensure that you can effortlessly pull all inputs, outputs and monthly reports by collecting all the system data entered on a single platform without disturbing the current system of branches.

With the graphics and lists, both daily movements, weekly evaluations and monthly reports can be presented on the screen of your manager actively as well as within the scope of his authority, and can also be shared according to his wishes.

At this stage, we prepare special views and lists for each user, taking into account the sections that concern each user. Thus, most of the progress report you need can be displayed on the screen with the click of a button.

Through the CRM system, which can collaborate through your mobile application or your web page, we provide a structure that allows users to upload the data they need to transmit to your database within the system through different platforms, and in the same way, they can draw the data they need from their database and prepare their own reports.

You can control the product supply tracking, demand-complaint management, event management, appointment, visit schedule or earnings reports of the branches with dynamic fields, and enable users to transfer data from mobile or web platforms while outside the office.

While keeping these records in the system independently from each other, based on the properties that can be classified specifically for each branch or representative, you can make calculations such as invoice amounts, product cuts, contest rewards, which should be made with the active use of calculation algorithms. In this way, you can bring special discounts, amounts or prize amounts for each record.

We ensure that your branches communicate their needs and demands through their own devices, you can resolve the problem in a shorter time than usual and return to the branches with the task management flows we create while these messages are forwarded directly to the unit / team managers.