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AR - Augmented Reality
VR - Virtual Reality
MR - Virtual Reality

Our projects

Our projects that we develop using advanced technologies that bring the latest technology products to our lives:
AR-VR Vocational Training

In the Erasmus + project, which is a European Union Project, AR visual modules of the race vehicle, which is one of our project partners and designed by Sofia Technical University, 3D technical drawings of interior parts and AR animations of these drawings, while performing assembly / disassembly on the mobile application by the user at the same time. It also provides technical features to be examined.


The smart coffee machine that we made for Bosch-Siemens and introduced at the Microsoft Summit is a Hololens project. In Turkey, even your coffee you made this choice out of the application in the hologram which was held for the first time in the world to come prepared and ready to be drunk as a real coffee in the coffee maker.


You can bring your cabinets to the color you want on a defined place and kitchen layout, and choose your electronic items with the technical features you want. Moreover, you can open their covers and see their interior and technical features.


NEFER X, developed for the defense industry, is a military project that uses high technologies both in software fiction and in parallel with hardware equipment and used in the same project.


In this project, which is an approved TUBITAK project and we continue to develop, real surgical operation scenarios, real laparoscopy instruments, real tissue measurements and real response force values are used. In order to create a sense of reality in line with the working principle and the purpose of the project, a working environment developed with tissue contact scenarios and feedback mechanism is provided.

We have dozens of customers that we have been satisfied with the projects we have done since our establishment.

About us

We produce Digital Transformation Projects
Since 2009

We carry out digital transformation projects using our latest technologies with our expert staff in many domestic and international projects.

  • Advanced technology

    We renew our technologies that will ensure continuity with our vision, which always adopts development and development.

  • Solution oriented

    We are an institution with many infrastructures both in software and hardware in our projects.

  • End user

    We do not only develop stable software that works stably, but also offer end-user interfaces with modern designs.

  • Security

    We keep security at the highest level in software / hardware developments in our projects


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XR Technologies; It is a general abbreviation for VR, AR and MR technologies. Let's take a closer look at Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed reality.
AR - Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a live, direct or indirect physical view of the real world environment and its contents, enriched with computer-generated sound, images, graphics and GPS data.Augmented Reality means enriching the information in the world we live in for a purpose by combining it with images and / or information obtained through a tool.During the acquisition of the real world camera image, it is the connection of the materials prepared on the computer to the target points predetermined in the real world from certain points and the resulting image is interpreted by means of software and the printout is taken simultaneously.

VR - Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is widely used to reconstruct existing or non-real life places with a computer in at least 3D and to provide real-like experience. In a three-dimensional model of a real world environment designed through a computer, it is the systems in which the person can perceive this model environment emotionally with the help of special devices he wears and can effectively control this artificial world.

MR - Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality aims to combine the best features of augmented reality with virtual reality. Thanks to the mixed reality, it is possible to interact with the virtual contents you see parallel to the real world. It can react to you when you want to move the virtual content you think you see in glasses or on the screen in the real world. In this way, we have the opportunity to intervene in virtually all content created and to move the reality dimension higher than VR and AR. With this system, which creates a bridge between the environment where the users are located and the artificial environment, the user can navigate and interact with the artificial environment.

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