From all the work done by your company's employees; We are here to gather document sharing, content management, business processes, website management processes under one roof.

Content Management

We bring together all the features that make it possible to organize and manage the content of any documents, e-mail messages, worksheets, diagrams, presentations, graphics, reports, videos and web pages that are needed throughout the life of your organization, from creation to archiving.

User Focused Compatibility

The data loss problem and the excessive availability of information can result in compliance issues, as well as legal. SharePoint Server 2016; It provides a wide range of features and skills that help keep confidential information safe and access the right people at the right time and to the right information.

Modern User Experiences

Making quick decisions and maintaining communication is critical to making organizations effective. The ability to access information on the go has become an imperative for businesses today. SharePoint Server 2016; It makes file storage and document collaboration even more user-centric, thanks to enhanced mobile access to content, people and apps, as well as touch-based experiences across various devices.

Ease of Continuous Access

You can easily access your files from your Windows, Mac or mobile devices with tools that allow you to access all your files from anywhere, anytime. You can preview more than 270 common file types directly from your browser, such as Adobe files (PDF, Photoshop, Illustrator and others), Visio files, and DICOM medical images. You can even stream optional HD video that doesn't require download via your browser.

File Sharing Between Teams and Even Teams

You can share files and collaborate with users inside and outside your organization. By monitoring the history of all events, you can ensure that everyone works in harmony, and share your files without worry, allowing other users to access files seamlessly and securely. You may want to have more advanced ways to collaborate with your teams, including managing and sharing files or folders on team sites or intranet sites and throughout your organization.

Find, Write, and Update Files

When you work on a file and save the file directly to OneDrive or SharePoint, any changes you make are updated seamlessly. With complete Office integration, you can start writing documents together on one device and complete them on another device; You can add annotations, highlights and comments to the document by choosing from a variety of tools. With powerful search and discovery tools, you can quickly find the files you are looking for and get smart tracking paths, such as how many people view or share the file.