If you want to set up a new CRM system or develop your existing system's business strategies, you can use the CRM system if you want to establish a wider range of customer / partner relationships and strengthen your marketing network or sales portfolio in line with the data brought by these relationships. Unfortunately, however, turning your CRM vision and multi-year plan into functional system requirements and making a larger plan smaller, Dividing it into digestible projects can be extremely complex.

Especially if you're new to implement and use a CRM system. In such cases, our CRM team helps by giving information about possible working environments by considering your working principle and special needs. For the upcoming new system or the existing system to be developed, the customer and CRM team should work synchronously and regularly.

For this, someone who knows the system and data should convey this in detail and clearly during the analysis phase. Possible negative scenarios are also included in the constructions and the road map should be strengthened so that it can be ready for any possible situation. Thus, after the fiction is prepared, the existing system will be able to meet these operations without the need for editing and re-editing to allow new situations.

  • The more careful and systematic of system analysis and setup is done through the people who work, the better the process and cost analysis will be.
  • Performing the analysis correctly and in a dominant manner means that it will be suitable for the use of the system in the future without needing to change the operation. This prevents additional costs and data pause during the development process.

In this way, someone who knows the process and the data well will be able to provide information about the scenarios that will enable you to be prepared for the negative situations that may occur while transferring the process in detail, and strengthening the scenarios accordingly.