The reliability of the consulting firm you work with for your CRM implementation should be measured not by the name of your company but by how well it knows your industry.

We are focused on minimizing time and cost loss with our strategy accumulation resulting from many business solutions and privatizations that we encounter in all our projects, existing projects and development processes.

CRM for Real Estate Management

All the real estate management we are in, including the sales process in the building sector, the follow-up payment of the real estate sold or rented, and the payment configuration requests. We offer CRM projects that will make your processes more efficient based on their solutions.

CRM for Franchising Management

You can manage your branches or offices connected to your company through a single system and follow all the developments, You can easily prepare a system that you can report by filtering to regions, cities or even to the size of the neighborhood. Thus, you can access all the data of the branches from the system you want, and speed up your tracking screen with graphics.

CRM for Supply Management

We offer a document management setup based on an approval process that you can easily follow with the CRM system for purchasing flows and approval processes in large and corporate companies and the time losses that occur due to this.

CRM for Industrial Equipment Management

We are preparing special CRMs for you to follow the operation of your company from instant movements on your screen by analyzing the fictions required for dealership, headquarters and distribution in accordance with your company principles, In both parts and fleet management, graphs and lists make the job tracking load much easier, We are developing systems that will help all teams to be informed and organized in harmony.

CRM for Membership Systems Management

We create solutions that enable all members of an institution to easily manage their members' membership information, subscription tracking and online education and event participation organizations through a single CRM and work together in a healthy way.